The following is a breakdown of how people are helping the stream help others.  And how you can help as well.  Have a look at the options I have setup and if one suits you and you wish to, please take advantage of doing so!

Subscribe on Twitch

This is the easiest way to help.  All income from subs each month will be applied to charities as requested from my list, or the default charity of the month.

Subscribers can subscribe at any tier with the same result.  Each tier has it’s own icon, and benefits.  These are listed below.  I will be updating this as time goes on.

  1. Tier 1
    1. GROUP NAME: Troop
    2. ICON: Monkey
    3. MEMBER TITLE: Trooper
    4. BENEFITS:
      1. The emotes below.
      2. 5 entries / month for giveaways.
      3. Open invitation to join me in a RPG Academy session.
  2. Tier 2
    1. GROUP NAME: Parade
    2. ICON: Elephant
    3. MEMBER TITLE: Tusker
    4. BENEFITS:
      1. The benefits of the tier above.
      2. The extra emote(s) below.
      3. 5 additional entries / month for giveaways.
      4. Invitation to join me in Discord to discuss D&D topics in stream.
  3. Tier 3
    1. GROUP NAME: Pack
    2. ICON: Wolf
    3. MEMBER TITLE: Packmate
    4. BENEFITS:
      1. The benefits of the tiers above.
      2. The emote(s) below.
      3. 5 additional entries / month for giveaways.
      4. An open invitation to join any one shot or special events I hold.  This can be for any session I have at any time that suits you.  This includes any games I run, including the Thursday Table Top games.  If you join the Thursday Table Top games though, it would be very cool if you could commit to playing in each session.Other games also include special collaborative ventures and events, including a team based competition run on Roll20.  You automatically get an invitation to the event(s) as they come along.


Subscribe on YouTube

Just like on Twitch, any income from YouTube also goes to the charities in the exact same way.  While the YouTube channel grows, and more and more content is added, hopefully that will help grow the community as a whole.  Go to my YouTube channel, and setup notifications however you want.  I am going to at least get two videos up a week to start with, and then focus on more content for one video.



I have created a Patreon account and page for those that like to use it for supporting people.  Patreons not only get access to a private chat area, but will also directly influence my content, as the community grows.  Patreons also have access to emotes of their own.  Check out the Patreon page for more details.


Donation / Tip / Bits / Direct Donations

There are a couple of ways to donate to me, mostly through the Twitch stream, but also directly through the website.  Here are the direct ways to donate to the stream.

    1. The donation of bits is 1:1 for 1 cent USD of which I will get half, same as any payment from Twitch.  These will be donated 1:1 to the monthly charity, unless you nominate one of my other charities. 
    2. Tips, donations etc all do the same thing, and will 1:1 be given to the charities nominated.
    1. The bottom of this page has a link for you to use to donate directly.  The benefit of this method is I get 100% of the donation to put to the charities.
    2. You can either select the link below; or directly send me donations to paypal [at]

The Fractured Bear does not operate on profit, but what profit we do get is used in the supporting of a couple of charities. Check out the donations page from the menu for more information.


Can I pick a charity not on your list?
Short answer:  no. 
Long answer:  nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The charities I have chosen are ones I feel either strongly for, or have wanted to help them, and now have a platform to allow me to do that.