This page is intended to make available the information on joining my Minecraft server.  It also lists the mods that you will need to have, as well as instructions on using them.  This server is hosted through Streamline Servers, click below if you want your own, and help support the site and stream.

SERVER NAME:  Brix Avalon – A SMP Minecraft Sub Server


This server is running v1.14.4 with mods.


This server DOES have mods, but they are kept light, and useful.  Details below.


WarbearPrime (owner), with CritHappens_Gaming are the only admin.


The following rules are subject to change, and are to be considered a “living” document accordingly. The following rules are for everyone! No exceptions.

Rule #1: Wheaton’s Law
Don’t be a dick! No griefing, stealing, or destroying each other’s stuff.
1st Offence: Kick and 3 day ban. 2nd offence: Perma ban.

Rule #2: Bear’s Law
Don’t poke the bear! No asking for OP, it’s an instant kick.
1st Offence: Perma ban.

Rule #3: Free Speech Law
Any villification by “race”, sexual preference, religion or politics is not allowed. Doing same to Vegans who don’t medically need to eat no meat, is not only OK, we actively encourage it. ;P
1st Offence: Perma ban.

Rule #4: Law of Law
No discussions about (or sharing of) torrents or any other methods of sharing Copyrighted material.
1st Offence: Perma ban. Also, if known, and if your country has anti-bullying laws, you WILL be reported if you do any of the above, of just BE a bully.

Rule #5: Have fun
But not at the expense of others.


The list on the left defines what is in this pack, and you are free to download from the source. The following are the requirements to install these mods.

Forge ModLoader 1.14.4-28.1.87 or later.
This is the version the server has. Download from directly.

The following is a list of the mods used, and the versiondas. Feel free to download them directly, but note that the download also has some config files also, which are required for several mods. Lastly, I have included the Optifine for Forge in the zip, so you can have it look pretty AND have mods.

List of Mods

BiomesOPlenty-1.14.4-, Cosmetic-Beds-Mod-1.14.4.jar, extraboats-1.1.2-1.14.4.jar, ExtraButtons-1.14.4-, forgemod_VoxelMap-1.9.13b_for_1.14.4.jar, jei-1.14.4-, Just-Mob-Heads-Mod-1.14.4.jar, Metal-Barrels-Mod-1.14.4.jar, Morpheus-Mod-1.14.4.jar, MrCrayfishs-Furniture-Mod-1.14.4.jar, Neat+1.5-19.jar, preview_OptiFine_1.14.4_HD_U_F4_pre11.jar, quickhomes-1.14.4-, Simple-Storage-Network-Mod-1.14.4.jar, Simple-Trophies-Mod-1.14.4.jar, TreeChoppin-1.14.4-1.2.0.jar, vilnames_1.14-1.2.jar, weapon_craftery-1.14.4-1.0-Beta-4.jar, Quark-r2.0-199.jar, paintings-1.14.4- and AutoRegLib-1.4-35.jar.


Open the zip file, and inside are two folders, drag them directly into your .minecraft folder in your appdata folder. Done. Then try and connect to the server.



— Oct 18, 2019 – Server is online, and fully modded, with all testing done. Once the starter city is complete, the server will be opened up just for Subs (in this context, any one who donates, becomes a patreon (soon), subs to the channel, or donated over 100 bits is eligible to join the server.