Recently on Facebook, several groups had a similar or the same post, regarding the use f some folder cover inserts.  As a few folks wanted some, I did some up.  This is the current iteration, and there is some room for expansion, so keep an eye on the page for updates.

These are a couple I did up for examples.  The folders were cheap.  I would however recommend using a printing service.  We have an Epson printer, and thisused nearly 20% of the ink in brand new ink installed.  They are 100% coverage after all.  Also, I used high quality Digital paper, 170GSM to print on, as it’s a nice stiff card without being massive.

The label as seen below is in SOME of the files, for thos GMs and Players that want to put a title, or notes or something.

These are ONLY the front cover, I will work on spines and back covers, as well as more stretched wrapped images like the Storm Giant one pictured below at a later date, or something.

You can either download one at a time from the gallery (below), a single file; or using the download links grab all the files for an image; with all designs available.  There are 32 designs, in up to 6 layouts per design.

ALL Designs are A4 in size.