Going to be doing some updates and overhauling the site in teh coming days and weeks.  I DO however have a few things I am going to put in here now, so that you can see what I am doing.


This one is just to update some basic things, and each individual item on the site is going to be updated with individual requirements.

At this stage, all content on this site is free to use without problems, with a few caveats:

  • If you wish to publish my work in yours, then you must gain permission from me to do so, and include a link and reference to this site.
  • If you wish to stream using any of my content, you must first gain approval from me.

Why am I doing this?  Because I know there are some people that would wish to use my work, and I want to be acknowledged for it, but also to approve that my work when reproduced, stays true to the original and that the platform it is being used on meets my approval. 

If you have an issue contacting me (I would suggest my facebook account, or the facebook page and leave a message.  Until you gain written approval from me allowing you to use it in a publication or stream, you are NOT allowed to use my creations.  Feel free in private games, but not in any other situation.


The following people are officially authorised to use my original designs when streaming, or producing anything for other people, in any way, in any medium:


The following people are NOT authorised from streaming my material, or re-producing it in any way, in any medium, and includes any players in any games with the banned people.

  • Ray Burge (aka CritHappens_Gaming / Zudalian),

If you would like to gain approval, please contact me via PM, and we can discuss.