So I have spent a couple of days going over my house rules, and have updated them to new release, and I am removing them from the site as a page, and making it a PDF instead to just download. 

I have included a few things in it, including Faerie Dragonborn race and the Crown’s Ranger class.  I have some pages left setup in the download for more information, and once they are included, I will release a final version 3, in both color for web and tablet et al.  And one with a white clean background for printing.

I will add and remove information from this as the games change and move.  Also, it should be worth noting, that this is also a temporary thing, as it is being rolled into a future project, working with CritHappens Gaming.  More on that later.

Anyway, this file includes a lot of information, including new equipment, spells, feats, hit and miss critical tables as well as more rules.  There are gaps where I know where things will go, as well as a little more artwork.

12/02/2020 EDIT// Updated to final edition, withg graphics, and more …