So recently I published a Harry Potter Wand Generator.  From that I always planned on doing a more D&D specific version, and with a way for it to work in D&D as well.  The system works like this, certain parts of some creatures can be used in the creation of wands, the core of the wand determines the type of bonus the wand gives the caster.  Following is a list to start with, so if you think of other creatures you can modify the tables to fir your game:

  • EYE / EYE STALK – Clairvoyance
  • HEART STRING – Abjuration
  • FEATHER – Illusion
  • EAR – Clairvoyance
  • TONGUE – Language based spells.
  • FANG / TOOTH – Evocation
  • LUNG – Transmutation
  • TALON / CLAW – Evocation
  • WHISKERS – Clairvoyance
  • BARB / STING – Evocation
  • HAIR / MANE – Enchantment
  • TAIL – Conjuration
  • BRAIN / BRAIN STEM – Enchantment
  • BONE – Necromancy
  • SPINE – Conjuration / Necromancy
  • TENTACLES – Conjuration
  • LUNGS – Transmutation
  • FALUS – Enchantment
  • HORN(s) – Evocation / Abjuration

So, how do the wands work?

Quite simply, for a wizard of a school of magic, they must select their school at first level, instead of 2nd.  They don’t gain the benefit of the normal 2nd level ability gains, they still happen at 2nd level, but the wand grants a +2 increase in the save against schools of the magic the wand possesses.  The wand they start with aligns with their school, though other wands found or captured in combat with other wizards will give different bonus depending upon the core.  This rule also applies to Sorcerers as well.  Though in their case, they get a random wand, using the v1 generator below, or any other version from now on.  Use the latest.

Here are some examples, as well as the code after it, and following THAT there is a download.  I have also put a lot of pre-v2-build stuff in it.  In that as I expand it’s functions, I am going to make more use of the current variables.  Plus possibly add some more to make it so that a user can choose the school, and it will find entries that fit the requirements of generating a wand based on school.  I would also love any feedback below, or features you think it might take advantage of to be even better.