So I have had a rough few weeks, hence the lack of posting, and the lack of anything, but I have also been getting ready for a 5E game I am starting this Saturday.  But I want to make it as interesting as I can for the players, and their characters.  So I have done a few things to maintain the narrative and keep things moving along, without tipping off to players that something may or my not be there.  one of the things I have done to add some flavor to the game, was to have weather.  The region they are in would be similar to Bordeaux in France.

So using the weather information from this Dragon Magazine article “Weather The Storms” from issue #137.  As well as the average weather for Bordeaux as a BASELINE point to start temps from, I created a weather generator that outputs the cloudiness, low, high and what if any rain or other conditions might be had.  This I then run in a batch of 30, and there’s a month or so.  Once I have 3 months worth, I switch to a different season.  Do the same thing.  Once the Excel sheet is formatted correctly (now done) all I have to do is generate weather 4 times, once for each season, and copy and paste them in for it to update the whole document giving me notes to read for the players.

But the output?  Not that spectacular, but then I take it into Excel to add it to other information that I use for tracking the players.  But here is what it looks like anyways…

Full cloud cover but not overcast, pounding heavy rain, disadvantage on Perception. a moderate gale from the South West at 53 kph. 6.9 15.3


Things to do:

I want to make it have variables for different terrains, and zones, so Mountainous Forests in a Temperate climate, to a Sandy Sea in a Desert climate.  Change a couple of minor things, and make the weather nastier in the winter, and include effects from snow etc…