Hi, and welcome to the Twitch page.  This page is all about when I am doing, what I am doing on the stream, and how you can be a part of it.  I am going to give some general info, and down below will be some details, examples, and relevant links to participate, or just keep up.Firstly, I am not doing this for money, but rather I am doing it build a community to share ideas and make the game(s) we play bigger and better.  Any money I am given will go to one of several charities. 

WHY am I streaming on Twitch?

Firstly I am NOT doing it for money.  I have several charities that I support and all profits will go to that, as well as special charity events.  Each month one of the charities will be set as the monthly charity, and all bits donated will be converted directly over. 

The main reason I am doing this is I want to help others in RPG gaming to get into it, and to work with other gamers to make a wholly new community of gamers.  Other than that, is it just something I am passionate about, and this is a more human way of doing it.  And while I will have videos on the YouTube channel, it lacks that experience of talking to a person.

WHAT qualifies me to do this?

Well nothing really.  No more than most other streamers.  I have a skill, a drive, an interest, a passion in something.  But I also have a deal of experience.  I started playing D&D in 1983.  I played other games around it, and since then I have played probably every genre in gaming, across a hundred+ game systems.  Mostly however I have played D&D and Cyberpunk.  Every version of D&D except 4th.  I have DM’d since 1993 and during the height of conventions here in Australia I won awards for Roleplaying, Characterisation and DMing

Lastly and most recently I was a Local Co-coordinator for Adventurer’s League in Canberra, Australia.  I also play tested modules for AL with members from WotC

So WHAT & WHEN am I going to stream?

I am going to call myself a Variety Streamer, but with a high focus on RPG Gaming.  For the now I am now and then going to be streaming computer game play.  At the moment I will stream some Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries, maybe some Minecraft. 

But there are two games coming out that I will go to more often, and one of them (Cyberpunk 2077) will be my focus for a while.  I will be streaming with CritHappens_Gaming for most of that.

RPG gaming wise I will be doing several things, but everything is detailed below, and followed by a link to the schedule for 2020.

Special Events

Now and then, special events and milestones will be achieved and for those there will be announcements, prizes and more.  Follow me on social media or BM this page for more details as they come about.  The current list of milestones I am working on, with the resulting action can be found below:

Event TitleTriggerResultCompleted
Reach 50 Followers50 FollowersI will run a one shot game, for followers, and those followers who are available when the session is scheduled for, will get a seat. This will be run in one of the Week 3 cycle Saturdays.NA
Reach 10 Subs10 Subs on TwitchI will run a stream and a game ONLY for subs, I will discuss with all of them the times that best suit, and set a time schedule so the most number of subs can play.

This will also be a custom built adventure one shot, with premade characters. Literally this will be a sit down, pick characters, and start playing.

This will be done on Roll20 and Discord.
First charity donation goal.Getting enough donations to be able to donate to one of the selected charities.First the stream will be 8 hours long.

This will include the actual donation(s) of the money to the charity (charities -ed.) live. It will also be a multi-content stream, with a mix of some D&D, other games, online games, maybe some miniature painting and terrain building, and of course chatting with whomever is there.

This is a big goal, being able to provide some help to someone in need.

Prizes and Giveaways

I am working on them at the moment.  I have a lot of dice sets to give away, including some rare sets, one with a handmade coffin dice box and a load more.  More details will be placed here, and I will be giving away more and more things as time goes on, including subs to the channel, subs to Roll20, modules, books and more later on for major prizes also. 

The Future

To start with, just getting things running smoothly is most important.  But I am already looking at doing some crafting on stream as well, and I am in the process of getting the equipment setup right to be able to do so.  Keep an eye on my social media to keep up to date on that.  Other than that, we’ll see how we go.