Hi, and welcome to my Twitch page.  This page is all about when I am doing, what I am doing on the stream, and how you may even want to be a part of it. 

WHY am I streaming on Twitch?

Firstly I am NOT doing it for money.  I have several several charities that I will be supporting with all profits will going to them, as well as special charity events.  Each month one of the charities will be set as the monthly charity, and all bits donated will be converted directly over. 

The main reason I am doing this is I want to have fun and help others in RPG gaming to get into it, and to work with other gamers to make a wholly new community of gamers.  Other than that, is it just something I am passionate about, and this is a more human way of doing it.  And while I will have videos on the YouTube channel, it lacks that experience of talking to a person. 

WHAT qualifies me to do this?

Well nothing really.  No more than most other streamers.  I have a skill, a drive, an interest, a passion in something.  But I also have a deal of experience.  I started playing D&D in 1983.  I played other games around it, and since then I have played probably every genre in gaming, across a hundred+ game systems.  Mostly however I have played D&D and Cyberpunk.  Every version of D&D except 4th.  I have DM’d since 1993 and during the height of conventions here in Australia I won awards for Roleplaying, Characterisation and DMing

Lastly and most recently I was a Local Co-coordinator for Adventurer’s League in Canberra, Australia.  I also play tested modules for AL with members from WotC.   I am a public speaker, trainer and service improvement specialist.

So WHAT & WHEN am I going to stream?

I am going to call myself a Variety Streamer, but with a high focus on RPG Gaming.  To start with (while I work out internet performance issues) I will focus on D&D and Cyberpunk, with some world building and games thrown in across different time slots.  Later, especially once my internetis faster, I will add some PC gaming as well, with Diablo III till Diablo IV and Cyberpunk 2077 come out.  These will be my Friday night games eventually.

RPG gaming wise I will be doing several things, but everything is detailed below, and followed by a link to the schedule for 2020.



ALL times are set for GMT+10 or Brisbane time. 
The new schedule is the following.:




Saturday (Wk2)

World Building Wednesday

Here I will be going through the process of creating my homebrew world, and fleshing it out for campaigns, or because of them.  Join in, make suggestions, learn how I go through the process of fleshing out a world, and documenting it.

Fractured Academy

In the academy, I will go over the use of a tool in my arsenal, as well as how I use, it, some featured, and try and showcase something on how to help build your own world.  Often I will take the course of this from questions fielded in the World Building session prior.

Thursday Tabletop

Thursday Tabletop is when I run a D&D game live on Twitch, taking a few fellow streamers and friends through (in some cases) their first D&D campaign ever.  This is an ongoing series, and more details will come from listening in.  😉  Streamers include TabTwice, FearmyPaintBrush and Aladar. 

Saturday Sessions [After Dark]

This is a fortnightly game, taking over from my previous games, moving into the new season of game play for me.  Some of the old players are back, with some fresh new faces.  Back again in Tir Avalon, this time the group are a full cycle ahead, 173 years after the events of the movie Gods of Egypt; our heroes are in an egyptian style campaign, where Ra has transported everyone from the ruins of the destruction of Seth and Apophis, to a new world, yet to be explored. 

This is an egyptian themed westmarch styled game of exploration, where the events, and actions of the players, can affect the future, including naming, finding, making ruins etc.  Other campaigns are set in the normal time period of play (one cycle later), and may see the effects of the players on the campaign world.


At the moment, I am still getting to a point of being able to upgrade my internet so I can stream at full speed again.  In the mean time, I am able to stream D&D, but not much more than that, and have any kind of quality.

However, as soon as that is done, I will begin with Diablo III again one night a week, waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out.

Also, periodically I will be running games of different types, not just D&D.  At the moment, I am planning a Cyberpunk 2077 campaign as well as a one off for Twilight 2000.  I will hopefully finish the CP2077 game over three or 4 sessions, then it will be back to normal D&D for a bit.


As a viewer, you will have the option to be able to directly interract with the game, by rolling dice.  If you wish to, you at present while I set out limits and test it’s function, you can use the channel points (gp) to purchase a dice roll.  One that will have one of two effects:

Add a bonus to the roll of a player; or
Add a penalty to a roll as DM I make, or lower a DC check score.

In the later stages of the games, depending on how things go, I will also allow viewers to purchase healing potions etc for the players.  And other things.  To do this, you have to earn gold coins in my stream, by simply watching it.


So, I have no idea why, but if people WANT to see a head built for radio, then at the moment I have 100 followers, and at least one sub, I am going to be turning on the web cam.  I am still working on the studio setup, so I am hoping this may take some time.


Lastly; starting from the first After Dark session begins (prob. June 27th) I will be giving away some (I think) cool prizes for followers and subs on my stream. 

First a disclaimer.  MOST of the dice I am giving away are generic but attractive dice.  But there is nothing special about them for the most part.  However there are some other dice that are more special, and they are detailed in the prizes below.

The first prize, is a Fenris Customs designed Coffin Dice Case, with a set of dice.  The dice are polymer blue and purple set wuth gold numbers, including 3x 1d6, 1 x 1d4, 1 x 1d8, 1 x 1d10, 1 x 1d%, 1 x 1d12 and 1 x d20.  The coffin is a hand made wooden black stained coffin with very solid hinges and catch.

This will be given away to a follower or sub live on my stream.  Delivery is free, you will just need to be following me, and in watching the stream at the time to recieve the prize.

Some future prizes include the following:

A full set of Blue and Purple dice, including a blank Chessex D20 and D12. Set includes 3 x 1d4, 4 x 1d6, 2 x 1d8, 2 x 1d10, 2 x 1d%, 2 x 1d12, 2 x 1d20, 1 x blank d12 and 1 x blank d20. All inside an Egyptian style dice cup.

A full set of Black and Purple dice, including a blank Chessex D20 and D12. Set includes 3 x 1d4, 4 x 1d6, 2 x 1d8, 2 x 1d10, 2 x 1d%, 2 x 1d12, 2 x 1d20, 1 x blank d12 and 1 x blank d20. All inside an Egyptian style dice cup.

A set of Dragon Dice, collectors tin I acquired in the mid 90s, that has quite literally never been used.  These dice are cool, because when you hold them, they look opaque, but are transluscent when you back light them.

Again, this is a limited set, as it was purchased 25 years ago, waiting for the right time to give them away.

TableSmith is a table rolling application for Windows that allows you to make a table, and re-roll on it for as long as you need, with detailed and HTML layout options.