Well, time has come for me to FINALLY get the things done I have been working on for a while now.  Phase one is complete with the creation of my Twitch account and the gaining of new hardware.  I am waiting on the finishing of the RA on some of the gear, and when back, phase two will start, which is the refit for the office to prep for actual streaming. 

Phase One included updating this site, getting a brand going, and setting up and testing everything to hopefully make it less likely to not be available.  I am also going to be adding a lot more content, updating some past projects and doing a few things a bit different.

I have started setting up for Streaming on Twitch too.

I also look to have a test group for my other new project part of this site, is my Gaming Academy.  Basically I am going to take a group of folks through some basics of role-playing, table top that is, and help hopefully get more players into the hobby, that are too nervous or shy, or just don’t know how to go about finding a game etc. just how to do those things.  Secondary to that is a DM School as well, where I will be helping folks get into DMing/GMing, or improve on what they are already doing, even if all we do it come up with different options and ideas!  The last part of the Gaming Academy, is that I will also help folks get into, and used to the nuances of Roll20, to an intermediate level. 

Details on courses etc will be available with a schedule of events as they are planned.  Keep an eye out!

The other announcement is I also have found my old T-Shirt designs, and I will have a T-Shirt shop open as part of Phase Two.

Anyway, register on the site, participate, communicate and enjoy. 


PS: this is also the first multi-site auto-post.