So recently I got to play some Cyberpunk 2020 again, and it has been AGES.  But it’s cool.  I am playing a gunslinger, based on the old west.  A South-African who grew up watching Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer films.  But one of the things that came up in the game is the Lifestyle system, family and all that, so I created a table almost directly from the book.  A few key things I changed include the current preferred term for African-Americans, and also some grammar errors.

Quick Update: I have a folder called “~MetaTables“, and in that I keep generic files like one for colors, which is called by this script.  To remove the error you will most likely get, make a file called “, place it in the ~References folder, or make one like I did, and populate it.  I have a sample set of colors in a second code box at the end of the post, before the download for this file.  If you download my complete collection, then you will have this already.

As normal, the download is after the code.  Here is a screenshot of a generated result.  All blue fields can be clicked on to re-roll if you don’t like the outcomes when generating results in TableSmith.