SO, this Sat I am hoping to start my Twitch stream off, with a session -1 will happen some or all of the players, where we will not only be building the characters, their building will also allow for the building of the campaign area they are playing in, fleshing out some of the Tir Avalon campaign setting more.

This will hopefully show GMs, DMs and players alike some different methods for fleshing out characters, rules and campaign settings for your own D&D game.

Stream will kick off at 7:30 PM AEST (GMT +10) and run for about 4 hours. The stream will be a relaxed chat session, as the players start the campaign as friends, growing up together in or about one of the major cities in the world’s Egyptian / Arabian styled area of Tir Avalon.

Tir Avalon’s Egyptian area is called Min Misr, and draws heavily from the movies of Gods of Egypt and Stargate (as well as the show series of Stargate as well).

But it is one of many nations on the continent known as Rimal Al’bika, loosely meaning “Weeping Sands” in the common tongue.

More details will be on my Twitch channel soon, so subscribe to be notified when I go live:

Once we are under way, we will also stop and answer questions, and take suggestions from the members in chat.