Yup, I am going to be streaming very soon.  I am at the moment getting last things prepared to get into streaming.  In line with that, I have also updated my logo, and if I win lotto expect that will pay an artist to do one with a specific design I want, but personally can not make.

So in the mean time, I will be using the following new logo both in Twitch and on this page.

About My Stream

So when I stream will be when I am on the PC and doing something gaming, and am physically up for the stream itself.  But I will be streaming me playing games, working on parts of my D&D home brew campaign world of Tir Avalon, as well as designing things for the game in general, some general chatting and talking to anyone who is online.   I will also do Q & A sessions on gaming for anyone interested in my opinion on the subject.

I expect my schedule will be (based on GMT+10) 10am-ish through to early evening, and then again on from about 10pmish till I start getting sleepy.  With a few breaks scattered here and there for sanity.

You will also be able to join me in my Discord server.

I am also doing my stream for charity organisations:

  1. Fred Hollows Foundation
  2. Free The Bears
  3. The Orangutan Project

I will be setting goals each month and all profits will go to them, each having separate goals.  This includes any donations to TFB, patreon sponsors (when that goes live), twitch subs or anything else related to the site.  I won’t ever make a living from this, but we might save the eyesight of one person, and get one bear from a life of bile draining.