So, what do you do, when the man who created an entire genre, and sub culture, says that the game you’re releasing is pretty lame?  Nothing YET.  But considering the comments from his “fans” this game seems just right for them. 

So what does this mean?  Well I figure if the guy who invented something says it’s not CP enough… you listen and add more CP.  It’s not a brainiac thing to do, listen to the person who created the genre, listen, don’t be a moron and follow the advice.  I have to admit that when I first watched it I was like whoa, cool.  But now after a third time, I get what WG is saying.  It DOES look much like a refreshed skinned version of GTA, and if it plays that way, it will NOT be a long running game.

The video in question is at the end of this post, it is the video that WG used as reference, and I have seen none better than this:

But here’s my question, and feel free to reply below, “Is it game play we saw, or cut scene and intro videos, and the game looks different to what has been shown?”  If so there might still be hope, but if not I won’t be spending the cash on getting a game that’s essentially dumbed down CP and re-skinned GTA.  There is a feel about CP that can’t be faked, and this sadly, so far looks faked to me.

Of course the worst part (for me) is that we are still at least 2 years from seeing the game released, as it’s already been 5 years.  So if that’s right, they spent 7 years (or will have) to reskin an existing game.  While I know they aren’t doing that, but if it looks like a duck…