I will start out with this:  I am a HUGE fan of the Ranger’s Apprentice series of books, all related ones too.  I especially love the “feel” of the Ranger in it, and in Tir Avalon, my home campaign a kingdom is very heavily influenced by not just the feel of the books, but also the events IN the books.  In fact my group as I write this, is one day away from continuing a story line pulled directly from the books, especially the kids being rescued.

If you have not read the series of books, I REALLY strongly recommend that you give them a read, and if you didn’t play D&D before, you might want to after the fact.  Click the image to visit his home page and learn more about the author and the books.

You can download the class PDF file here (note: this is still revision material, and parts may change in the future, after play testing, so stay tuned to the page):